A Closer Look at Slots Casino Games Background

Slots Casino is one of many games based on chance found in virtual online and real brick and mortar casinos around the world. Originally created in 1887 in America as a way of automating the card game of Poker, slots casino spread rapidly around the world and can now be found in even the most far flung corners, not only in casinos but in pubs and other establishments too.

Microchip and Virtual Technology

With the advent of the Internet and its wild popularity, a number of people noticed a growing interest in playing slots casino online and not just in physical establishments. This obviously has many advantages such as not having to travel to a casino, and thus cutting down on time restraints too. The world’s first video slot was in fact released as early as 1979 and was truly ahead of its time. So much so that at first slots players were mistrustful of its new technology and computerized reels on a screen.

Video slots casino could now offer players animated symbols and run much like an arcade video game.  These slots were still physical entities however, the only difference is that they were now totally electronic and could be linked to other slots to create progressive jackpots. Once the Internet came out, it was a quick step from physical video slots to virtual ones. These are now available to pretty much anyone with an Internet connection. The Virtual video slots have taken on a life of their own, with literally thousands of titles and many different varieties. These slots offer incredible extras such as free spins, bonus rounds, special symbols and more.

Slots Casino Extras

These days slots casino have so much more to offer a player than just three spinning reels and the chance to line up three jackpot symbols. Even the most basic of slots come with flashy lights, loud noises and a greater chance to win.

At the other end of the scale are Five Reel Video slots, the king of the slots casino world. These slots offer a player a story line, animated graphics, special symbols and massive bonus features. The symbols themselves can be from pretty much anywhere; a movie, a story, or anything out of the developer’s imagination. Most five reel video slots have a theme that the symbols tie into, and can have a large number of possible symbols that can come up on the screen including Wild and Scatter symbols.

A wild symbol is a special symbol that may substitute for any other symbol in the game except for the scatter symbol. These are often theme based and some can even expand to cover many reels should a player find three or more of them. Wild symbols behave differently to normal ones, and are always a good thing to find on your reels.

Scatter symbols can play a number of roles, for example you might have noticed in some pokies at crazy luck casino. Most often they can unlock a special bonus round in which players can win special jackpots or free spins. Bonus rounds are little games within games. Some will have a special objective, and some will just offer a number of free spins or a different jackpot.