A Glance at Playing Roulette Game at Online Casino Site

Roulette, made famous by movies and played by thousands of Australians on a regular basis, is an easy to learn game. Using a spinning wheel, numbered pockets, and betting table, it can be said to be the best possible visual representation of a game of chance. Simply predict which pocket the ball will land in, and win big. Or, alternatively, bet on if the pocket will be red or black, whether the number will be the first, second or third twelve, or even if the ball will land in the notorious zero pocket. Either way, roulette is known to have great payout odds, a relatively small house advantage in comparison to other games, and to be incredibly fast paced and exiting.

A Roulette Game at Home

Roulette, like most casino games such as online baccarat Canada, may be played in the comfort of your own home. It is possible to buy a miniature roulette wheel, and play with friends using actual gambling chips, but you may also now download a digital version directly to your phone or home computer. It’s simply a matter of downloading the program and playing, for free or real money, and enjoying it all without having to travel to a real world casino.

But is it the same? A real roulette wheel is a complicated piece of physics. The spinning wheel has a certain design, and the pockets are made to exact specifications. Can a digital model recreate all these nuances? The short answer is no. The long answer is no, but it is basically the same exact thing. Roulette is essentially a game of chance and statistics, and these can be recreated in the digital world.

A Roulette Game with Special Features

You can argue that an online roulette game is not the same as a real world version, but one thing an online casino does offer, which a real world casino doesn’t, is special features and bonuses. Online casinos are notoriously generous, giving bonuses for things as minor as logging in every day. This means a savvy player can keep in the green simply by being present.

Special features, including new rules, bent rules, or absent rules, also mean that the game of roulette can take on an entirely new face. For purists this may be sacrilege, but for those who don’t mind it means new, exciting versions of roulette. Which online casinos offer which versions of a roulette game varies, so look around and see which version suits your specific play style.

European versus American Roulette

A European roulette game and American roulette game differ, and this is without any tweaking of the rules by online casinos. If you are a purist, you will know that the American version has an added zero pocket, as well as the exclusion of the en-prison rule, which makes the house advantage significantly higher. If playing for real money online, preferring classic rules, ad being given the option of American or European roulette, be sure to always go for the European version. There is, after all, no smart reason to make your chances of winning less.