A Guide to Playing Online Slots Canada for New Players

Canadians love their slot machines, and with more Canadians then ever before testing their luck at the machines, it makes sense that the option would arise to do so online. It is now possible to play, for real money, from the comfort of your own home, without having to face traffic or the weather. There are a number of ways to play real money slots, and how you prefer is up to you. But, it must be said, some platforms are more convenient then others, and some designed for mobile phones, while others are designed for laptops. This article will discuss some of the pros and cons of playing online slots via various available popular platforms.

Online Slots, Canada – Mobile Phone

There is little as convenient as playing slots on your mobile phone. And, with the advancement of touch screens, and blistering fast 4G internet connections, the experience can be a smooth and reliable one. But, not all online slot games are designed to be played on a touch screen, and this can result in an awkward experience and uncomfortable user interface. Also, phones have screens of varying sizes, and if the slot machine you’re playing is not designed for a small screen, it may lead to some serious eye strain. Some websites, of course, are designed specifically with a phone in mind, and these websites will inevitably offer the better experience for those who logon via their phone. Keep in mind that Android and Apple offer different applications, and the one compatible with your phone should be downloaded.

Tablet Slots

Tablets have larger screens, plus have the benefit of being portable, lightweight, and easy to store. Many like to play online slots on their iPad, and insist it is the best option. Tablets do, however, have a limited battery life, like all portable devices, and if you are on a long car journey, or maybe in queue at the bank, there can be little as inconvenient as not being close to a plug socket. Thankfully, tablets do have good battery life, and many may be charged via the cigarette lighter of a car. Also consider keeping a spare battery, if your intention is to play with no convenient plug socket.

Online Slots, Canada – Laptop

Laptops and desktop computers have many advantages. A PC can usually operate just about any casino application or program under the sun, without limitations. A mouse makes for a smooth experience, a larger screen makes all images crystal clear, and the often superior processing power means you may even watch a movie while you play slots, or several movies, if that’s what you’d like. The downside? A personal computer is attached to a plug socket permanently, and you’re not going anywhere until the game is over and you log off. Whichever platform you prefer, there are applications that will have been designed with it in mind. Simply look around, browse, test out a few options, and see which suits your preferred platform. Many applications will specifically say which they have been designed for, so reading the description is a good move.