AU Live Betting Laws

Sports’ betting is a popular source of entertainment for punters across Australia. With  a multiplicity of sporting events occurring annually and smart tech, which is constantly refined and implemented within online sports betting environments to afford punters from Australia with premium sports betting entertainment.

One such development in technology is live streaming that brought about in play or live betting options for nearly all sports betting markets. Live betting has a host of features that are more exciting than standard bets and it allow s for a dynamic flow in betting.

Punters from Australia in quest of live betting in the country will be eager to learn about new AU live betting laws. The government is slowly starting to move towards a more frequently and stringently monitored system for all online sports betting establishments and online casinos.

The following overview of the new live betting laws will help punters from Australia make sense of the current confusion surrounding live betting’s status in Australia.

An Overview Of Live Betting

Live betting is different to standard betting options, live betting affords punters with the opportunity to wager on sports events while they are in session, hence the term in-play betting.

Standard sports betting online allows punters to place a variety of sports bets on a sporting event. Punters from Australia familiar with online sports betting platforms will already know that in standard sports betting options a punter places a wager on the sporting event before the actual event takes place and once the event begins there are no more bets taken.

Live betting sports wagering breaks down conventional approaches; in live betting punters can place bets on a sporting event while the game is in session. This has opened up sports betting to a host of thrilling in-play betting opportunities.

Live Betting Law Up Until Now

Up until now the Australian government had declared all live betting and in-play sports wagers completely legal. Punters from Australia could enjoy live betting sports betting options with complete peace of mind with a variety of online sports betting providers who cater to an assortment of markets and sporting disciplines.

Punters from the AU who opt for live betting over and above standard bets are in for a surprise. The new AU live betting laws coming into action in Australia will prohibit all live betting in the country. This is part of a long-term plan where government aims to crack down on online sports betting establishments and online casinos in the country.

The New Amendment

New AU live betting laws have been implemented in Australia. The Interactive Gambling Amendment Bill 2016 prohibits Poker and Live Betting in Australia. With the new AU live betting laws it is now illegal to participate or offer any live betting sports bets in Australia.

The Bill was passed as a result of illegal offshore wagering in 2015. The new act serves to close loopholes surrounding all illegal wagering and the government insists that the Bill was passed to keep people safe in an online world of live bets placed on popular sporting events.

Alternative Options

New AU live betting laws have outlawed Poker and Live betting from Australian society. Punters keen on live betting can rest assured that there are more than enough available substitutes even with new AU live betting laws coming into effect.

Standard betting provides punters with a multiplicity of betting options, which have the ability substitute for in-play betting. Bookmakers are always at the forefront of technology, with this in mind, punters can expect a handy new type of sports betting option in the near future.