Biggest AFL Betting Upsets In History

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Punters from online slots casino Australia opting for Aussie Rules football will be eager to learn of the biggest upsets in the history of the AFL. The AFL has experienced major upsets in its history with top teams submitting to underdogs in a comfortable second place. The biggest AFL upsets in history include the following games, which make up hall of fame favourites.

St Kilda Versus Melbourne 1900

In their first three years of the official VFL football St Kilda lost consecutively. An extreme low was recorded in AFL history in 1899 when St Kilda recorded a dramatic score of just 0.1 against Geelong.

The dry spell came to an end when the saints played at the junction oval and were a point up coming in on full time. Melbourne Captain, Dick Wardill kicked for posts and sealed the tie. St Kilda protested and they were eventually awarded with the one point victory, their only win of the season.

Richmond Versus Melbourne 1960

Melbourne was an unstoppable force between 1955 and 1960, winning 96 out of 121 games and five flags. The opponents Richmond had only made the finals one single time between 1945 and 1966.

The 1960 game between Richmond and Melbourne shocked AFL fans and goes down in history as one of the biggest upsets in AFL history. Richmond came out swinging with a bag full of tricks. They held Melbourne’s defence off only allowing them a single goal in the first quarter. Heading into the final quarter of the game Richmond led by a whopping thirty-two points.

Richmond finished strong and made AFL history by demolishing Melbourne and creating one of the biggest AFL upsets in history and would have been a very handy AFL betting tip.

Brisbane Bears Versus Hawthorn 1989

Hawthorn entered the game strong with a 17 to 2 record and a 151 percentage. The Brisbane Bears were the underdogs ranking in last place in the standings. The Brisbane Bears put on a show, with courageous defensive efforts and brute force the Bears managed to defeat the Hawks with five field goals to two.

Western Bulldogs Versus Essendon 2000

Essendon had won all twenty games leading up to the contest with the Bulldogs. The fate of the Bulldogs looked almost certain when Essendon had managed to place some distance between the sides with a 15-point lead by the third quarter.

What happened next bombarded Essendon, the Bulldogs played fourteen men on defence, and Essendon fell apart. One of the biggest upsets in AFL history, the Bulldogs claimed victory and stunned Essendon in one of the most memorable and biggest upsets in the AFL’s History.