Guide on How To Become A High Roller

High rollers, also known as whales, are gamblers who consistently wager large amounts of money. And consistency is the key – one only becomes a high roller by repeatedly betting big sums. In return, high rollers are courted by casinos, regularly receiving astounding and extravagant perks.

What Perks Can A High Roller Expect?

Did you realise that high rollers often get to negotiate their preference in rewards? From being ferried to the casino to having the best suite, VIP club tickets and front row seats for exclusive shows. And of course, plenty of fancy dinners and expensive alcohol.

Loss rebates are a popular perk – they give you a percentage of your losses back, up to a certain limit of course.

You might enjoy joining other high rollers at an exclusive freeroll tournament (a tournament with no entry fee). You stand to win substantial amounts in blackjack, poker, or slots tournaments with prize pools in excess of $20 000 at

Ways Of Reaching High Roller Status

The most obvious way to attract the attention of casinos is to wager large amounts, but naturally what that amount is, will vary according to where you’re playing. In Las Vegas, you’d need to bet considerably more in order to be noticed, than at a smaller regional casino. In Vegas for example, some players regularly bet over $100 000 per hand!

Another way to get attention is to make a sizeable deposit. This gives the signal that you’re prepared to take solid losses. And once you open a big credit line, there’s a good chance that you’ll be offered a high roller suite in addition to other perks. Naturally the casino will first perform credit checks to ensure you’re able to repay any losses.

  • Speak to the Casino Host

If you aspire to be a high roller, your first port of call should be the casino host. It’s a good start to develop a relationship with a host as they will be able to tailor perks to your preference, help with any arrangements you need and potentially solve any issues you may have.

  • Work Your Way Up The VIP Ladder At An Online Casino

Online casinos may not reward you with quite the lavish luxuries that a land-based casino might, but there are certainly plenty of great benefits to be had. Once you reach the highest VIP levels, you can expect a dedicated online host, whopping freerolls, large deposit bonuses, merchandise, an excellent cash back rate and even holiday packages. A distinct advantage of high rolling at an online casino, is that the rules and requirements are very clearly set out – it’s no mystery how many points you need to advance to the next level.

Is It Worth Becoming A High Roller?

Especially if you’re likely to spend a lot of money at a casino, it’s definitely worth your while to be regarded as a high roller / VIP so you can make the most of the benefits on offer.