How to Play Mobile Bingo – A Guide for New Players

Since its launch into the online world, bingo has fast become one of the most sought after and popular games on the internet. Online bingo is almost exactly the same as bingo, depending on which type a player chooses to play, and is simply optimised for a player’s convenience.

Furthermore, with players finding comfort in not having to leave their homes and software companies producing innovative technology at a rapid rate, players are now able to enjoy mobile bingo from any compatible mobile device.

Bingo Overview

Before a player can properly engage in a mobile bingo game, it is important to know how to play bingo and the many different ways that it can be played. There are a number of ways to play bingo, with one of the most prominent being American bingo. Here, there are 75 balls in play and each player holds a card holding 5×5 squares with the centre one often marked as a Free.

There are 5 squares to accommodate each letter of the word bingo which sits at the top of the card and the objective of the game will always remain the same – mark off as many numbers (as they are drawn and called out) as possible in order to create a desired pattern. The patterns can vary but will usually be a line appearing vertically, horizontally or diagonally.

English or Australian bingo is another popular variation that includes 90 balls and cards that hold 3×9 squares, with each player receiving 6 cards to play with. On these cards there will always be 5 numbers in any given row and the other 4 squares left free.

This game is typically played in 3 stages, with the first requiring players to complete a horizontal line in order to receive a prize, the second where 2 lines must be completed to receive a prize and lastly the full house stage that requires all numbers on a card to be marked off in order to achieve a win.

How to Play Mobile Bingo

With a greater understanding of gameplay, players will find it both easy and enjoyable to engage in a game of mobile bingo, where seamless gameplay from compatible devices ensures endless entertainment.

Aside from being virtual, gameplay is almost identical to the many variants found in bingo halls, however instead of the physical balls being drawn at random, the game comes boasting a random number generator. There can also be a number of features available, such as the auto-daub feature, which will automatically mark off the numbers for players the moment it is drawn.

There are various types of mobile bingo games available online, including the lower-stake game rooms that will appeal to beginners or players who wish to play for as little as 3 coins per card. Some, on the other hand, will still only allow players to purchase the same amount of cards so that they can ensure fair gameplay, where high rollers will try to buy multiple cards.

Online Chat Feature

There is one notable difference between regular bingo Australia and other regions offer, and mobile bingo, and that is the fact that talking is not encouraged during the games found in halls, whereas mobile bingo offers a chat feature that encourages conversation among players.

Mobile bingo features a small box found somewhere on the screen where players have the opportunity to chat to one another and therefore build something of a mobile bingo community.