Louisiana Double By Microgaming Games

Louisiana Double is video poker variant that is available in both free and real money modes for online players to enjoy. It is a Microgaming release for flash casinos, and offers an interesting twist on standard video poker offerings. The basis of this feature is an extra card that is able to double the payout for combinations, although there are no other complicated changes that would require players to learn new sets of rules in order to participate in the game.

General Description for Louisiana Double

This online video poker game requires players to collect a paid hand by exchanging any number of cards for free if it necessary for them to do so. Players are able to set the value for their bets from one to five coins, and put the value of these coins between .25 and 5 each.

53 cards are used in Louisiana Double, instead of the standard 52-card deck, and the extra card that this game makes use of is known as a double. The reason for its moniker is that it is able to double the possible payout for a combination that is formed with the other four cards in a player’s hand, namely a pair; two pairs; three of a kind; four of a kind; etc. It does not serve a wild card however, and does not participate in any way in the forming of combinations.

Poker Hands for Louisiana Double

Valid hands for Louisiana Double are the same as those made use of in poker, with the lowest-ranking hand being a pair of jacks. The highest-ranking combination is a royal flush, the Ten; Jack; Queen; King and Ace of Spades. If a players has wagered all five coins the payout for this card combination is significant, so it is recommended that the stake is always all five coins. Players should also note that payouts are identical for two-pair and three-of-a-kind hands in Louisiana Double.

There is also a round in Louisiana Double that doubles payouts, and players will be required to guess which one of four facedown cards will be higher in rank than the dealer’s card, which is face-up. Making the correct guess in this portion of the game will have the player’s payout doubled, whilst incorrectly estimating it will lose the bet.

The interface for the game is standard, and gameplay is controlled by making use of all the usual buttons. The bet-size for coins are made by selecting options in the corresponding column in the paytable, and coin value is set by the player clicking on the plus and minus buttons found on the panel. Players are able to adjust the audio settings for the game, and there is a help button provided if at any point the player requires it.

The double card makes for an interesting variation on the already very popular video poker offerings available online, and a change in strategy is required when play is commenced. The game is widely available online, at any online casino that makes use of software provided by the game’s developer, Microgaming, and registration is not usually required if players simply want to try it out.