Online Betting Growth in New Zealand

With almost 20 years of online gambling under our belt, it is safe to say that the world is no stranger to online betting, with the gambling world growing exponentially since the launch of the very first online casino.

It is said that there are now over 2000 online gambling sites in operation that offer an array of casino gaming opportunities, including table and electronic casino games as well as sports betting NZ.

Australian betting sites and the online gambling industry has certainly gained traction in a number of regions, with 85 nations already giving the green light to regulate betting online. New Zealand  is one such region that has welcomed online gambling, and it remains a popular choice for a wide range of players today.

Growth of Betting Online in New Zealand

While the question of why the New Zealand  online gambling market has increased may seem fairly simple, it is a lot more complicated than a case of supply and demand, with online gambling’s growth going beyond a simple matter of an increase in casinos to compensate for an increase in popularity.

There are many factors that have played a part in the growth of betting online in New Zealand , but one of the most influential factors, both then and now, is the legal situation in the country.

Legal Gambling History of New Zealand

Online gambling sites were actually prohibited from operating in New Zealand  up until 2009, in spite of the fact that residents were never deterred from online gambling altogether and simply continued to give their business to offshore gambling sites.

The Criminal Code of New Zealand  actually doesn’t prohibit online betting in any way, ruling it as a legal activity unless it is exercised in recognised areas of the aforementioned code. Currently, every single province within New Zealand ‘s borders is allowed to permit, license and regulate online gambling sites.

In fact, New Zealand  is home to the Kahnawake Gaming Commission, which is one of the most preferred online casino regulators both in New Zealand  and in other parts of the world too.

Why Online Gambling?

There are many that long for the nostalgia that accompanies casino gaming, from the bright lights to the combination of casino game themes that stream into ears the very moment they enter. However, those that aren’t looking for the physical benefits will have already discovered the wonderful world of online gambling.

Online play offers the same fantastic entertainment with far less hassle, with players having the opportunity to safely access their preferred games from their devices. This means seamless gameplay anywhere and at any time.

The Future of Online Gambling in New Zealand

There is no doubt that the online gambling industry has seen a considerable growth, but what is amazing is how much revenue it has produced in the past deNZDe which essentially suggests that regulation will be more than necessary.

It has been said that New Zealand  may remain ahead of the US in regulating online betting as collaboration between states gains momentum, ultimately spurring growth even further and luring in more onshore and offshore establishments to New Zealand .

There are numerous opinions as to what the future holds, with many thinking nothing will change, but one thing is for sure – online gambling is right here to stay.