Soccer Betting For Rookies – A Brief Guide

Soccer betting presents the bettor with several significant ways in which to show a real and ongoing profit. But in order to make this happen, it’s important to first get a grip on the basics of betting on soccer. These are easy to get on top of when armed with the correct information, which is what we aim to provide here.

These are our top pointers for soccer betting beginners.

There Are Pros And Cons

Betting on soccer, apart from being a whole lot of fun, enjoys several significant advantages over betting on many other types of sport.

The pros of betting on soccer include:

  • A large range of betting opportunities
  • A wide variety of bets suitable to soccer as a game
  • An extensive world-wide televised coverage of the sport
  • Endless data that is freely available
  • Particularly low margins at the bookies

Since soccer is played in virtually every country around the world, it is a sport exceptionally suitable to sports bettors. Most countries are home to at least one professional soccer league – and many more, to several. The United Kingdom, to name but a single example, is home-base to an incredible four professional leagues and three knockout-style tournaments.

But domestic competitions are only a small part of the exciting world of soccer. In addition to club soccer, there are numerous continental as well as international competitions played all over the world each year. Two top international competitions are the Champion’s League and the FIFA World Cup.

More Events – More Options

The most exciting bit about so many different competitions being played as part of a single sport, is that the sheer volume of sporting action creates a world of sports betting opportunities. No matter what the time of year or the season, there’s always something to wager on. Large volumes of available data driven by a huge number of competitions played makes it only that much easier to find an event featuring the type of sports that is worth betting real money on.

Fantastic too is that in addition to the large number of events at the soccer sports betting enthusiast’s disposal, the sport avails itself to an astounding number of different types of wagers. So much so, that soccer, as far as wagers and variety go, outperforms every other sport played on the face of the earth.

Margins And Other Thoughts

Another perk well worth mentioning here is soccer’s relationship with the margins at the bookies. Since soccer is such a dominating global sport, and since bookmakers are so extremely competitive, the sport lends itself to supremely low margins at the bookies. This obviously spells only good things for punters eager to find their soccer-betting feet.

Lucky for us also, is the fact that the pros of betting on soccer far outweigh the cons. Select cons that bettors should be mindful of when wagering on soccer is that in soccer, there are typically more upsets than what is experienced in most other sports.

Also, since soccer is such a popular sport on the bet-lines, bookies tend to pay a whole lot of attention to getting it right on the odds. But instead of turning any rookie bettor away from soccer as a betting option, this should serve as only that much more motivation to outwit the value-lines.