Spin Lab Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Spin Lab Slot Review & Guide for Players Online

Against a deep cobalt backdrop that looks like a cross between the Transporter Deck of the USS Enterprise and the landscape of Tron, the five reels of The Spin Lab slot form as impressive columns of light.

This online casino game has no storyline as such, just a pervasive theme honouring science and the portrayal of popular science. Even the six low-value icons drawn from the poker deck are rendered in the simple, no-frills font beloved of movie space stations.

In keeping with the theme, the artwork, graphics and animations on The Spin Lab slot are in 3D high-definition, giving the title a cutting-edge scientific feel. There are 25 fixed paylines covering The Spin Lab slot reels, and the bet per line can be set at several levels between 1 and 200 coins. Prizes listed as examples below are given in credits. To calculate the full prize on any win, the pay table credits listed must be multiplied by the line bet.

Symbols Portray Different Scientific Images

Illustrated as honeycomb-circuit metal cutouts in a variety of primary hues, the low-value card symbols in The Spin Lab slot are grouped in pairs that win equal-value prizes for the same matching combos. The A and K are the top scorers here, and can win up to 200 credits.

The Spin Lab slot’s four high-value icons are more obviously science-related: a DNA helix, a molecule, an atom and a cube of computer circuitry. All need three matches or better, like all other payline wins an unbroken run of matching symbols from Reel 1, to trigger prizes. For five of a kind, the DNA, the molecule, the atom or the cube wins 400, 500, 600 or 800 credits respectively.

Wild Can Win up to 1,000 Credits

A writhing rainbow aurora is The Spin Lab slot’s Wild symbol. The Scatter is the only symbol it cannot replace to complete or enhance a winning line.

When the Wild forms its own matching combinations of two or more on a payline, it wins 20, 100, 200 or 1,000 credits. Find this slot at any of the reputable mobile casinos Canada has on offer.

Free Spins Round Brings Options

The Spin Lab slots Scatter is a glowing ball of silver energy that explodes into geometric shapes when it features in wins. Players can win 625X the full spin bet for five Scatters, no matter where they land on the reels, and these Scatter multiplier wins start with just two matches. The player needs three or more Scatters, however, to trigger the free spins round on a second screen.

Before The Spin Lab slot free spins round begins, the player is faced with three sets of three options. In the first set, the Symbols The Same choice turns all the high-value symbols into one randomly chosen high-value icon, the Symbols Stacked feature picks a random high-value symbol that can appear stacked, and the Symbol Prizes option picks a random high-value icon that will be rewarded with extra prizes for any appearance on the reels.

In the second set, the choice is between Wilds Stacked on single reels, Extra Wilds added to all the reels, or a variable Wild Multiplier added to all wins containing a Wild that can be as high as X10. The final choice in The Spin Lab slot’s bonus-round options is between a X2 All Wins Multiplier, a Pays Both Ways option so that right-to-left combos from Reel 5 also win, or an Extra 5 Free Games.