The Biggest Winners In Vegas Revealed

Many people believe that the gaming system is rigged and that the chances of winning big are slim to none. Those familiar with the activity know that this couldn’t be further from the truth and do their utmost best to be one of the lucky few.

If you need a bit more convincing, we’ll share a few of Las Vegas’ biggest wins to help you to change your mind.

6 Of The Biggest Las Vegas Wins

  1. Kerry Packer

Casino: MGM Grand

Winnings: $20-40 Million

The late Australian billionaire Kerry Packer decided to try his hand at blackjack and baccarat out of pure curiosity. He had several big wins that night that ranged between $20 and $40 million. He spent his winnings immediately, tipping his waitress almost $1 million.

  1. Young Engineer

Casino: Excalibur

Winnings: $39.7 Million

An unknown engineer from Los Angeles decided to spend some time before a baseball game at the Excalibur casino. He spent a total of $100 and won $39,713 982.25. In addition to remaining anonymous, he also requested that instead of receiving a lump sum, the casino should pay him $1,500,000 every year.

  1. Unknown Lady

Casino: Palace Station

Winnings: $680,000 that eventually amounted to $27 million

A 60-year-old woman won $680,000 on a Wheel of Fortune game. Instead of spending her winnings, she decided to continue her gambling habit using these funds. Her investment in this activity eventually paid off and she won almost $27 million playing the Megabucks slot.

  1. Elmer Sherwin

Casino: Mirage

Winnings: $4.6 Million and $21 Million

World War II veteran Elmer Sherwin won over a million dollars not once, but twice! He won $4.6 million 10 hours the Mirage casino opened. Sixteen years later at the same casino, he won $21 million.

  1. John Tippin

Casino: Gold Coast

Winnings: $12 million

John Tippin went to Las Vegas for a quick holiday and left with $12 million. He went on to splurge and spend his money on women, cars, and booze. He later went on to write a book about his experience of winning money and then subsequently losing it all.

  1. Amy Nishimura

Casino: Fremont

Winnings: $8.9 million

Amy Nishimura went to Las Vegas on holiday and found herself attracted to a specific machine. She then spoke to the machine about how she needed the money and some luck, and after three hours, she hit the jackpot.

It Always Happens When You Least Expect It

In case you hadn’t noticed, most of the winners on our list won after randomly taking a chance while spending time in Las Vegas. It’s also worth mentioning that as easy as it is to win the money – we’re using the term easy loosely – it’s just as easy to become overwhelmed with it all. The winners that had a level-headed approach to their winnings were better off than those who lost their minds – and as a result, their money too.